Czechbox Bakery

Eastern European seasonal and heritage baked goods.

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    Almond Cake 

    Bublanina** - 6” Czech bubble cake w/ various seasonal fruits

    Buttermilk Rhubarb Cake**

    Český sušenka - walnut-meal shortbread bars with fruit

    Farmhouse Buttermilk Coffee Cake

    Koláče - cheese, poppy or fruit lekvar filled sweet rolls

    Lívance - flat yeast muffins topped with fruit lekvar, nuts, or poppy

    Latvian Aleksandrs Cake - Jam-filled shortbread with lemon icing

    Latvian Caraway Buns (Ķimeņmaizītes) - yeast roll with caraway and salt

    Latvian Pīrāg - savory bacon & onion-filled rolls

    Maple Walnut Tart (Javor Ořech Dortík) - 4” tart size and bite-sized

    Mazanec (Czech Holiday Bread)

    Nut Roll

    Poppy Seed Cake

    Poppy Seed Roll

    Red Currant Cake**

    Rhubarb Custard Pie**

    Sweet Strudel - apple** or rhubarb**

    Savory Strudel - cabbage  or potato-bacon

    Yogurt Cake


** indicates seasonal offerings and may not always be available



       Baltic Black Rye Bread - Made with 90% rye flour

        Jewish Sourdough Rye Bread - Made with white flour and rye sour     

        Potato Bread - Made with white flour and potatoes     

        Mazanec** - Czech Easter Bread

Cookies... Only available at Christmas or by special order:  Black walnut Icebox Cookies, Czech black-and-white cookies, Hungarian Kiffles, Linzer Sandwich Cookies, Rugelach (poppy, apricot, almond, raspberry), Red Currant Pinwheels, Vanilkove Rohlicky, Russian Tea Cookies, Bear Paws, German Lebkuchen, Latvian walnut cookies, Latvian piparkukas

Large party orders...

        Dort (9” Tart) - Cranberry Raisin Tart** or Blueberry Lemon Tart** ($30 each)

        Red Currant Cake** - Same as above, but 9” single layer ($30)

        9 x 13” Bublanina** - Same as above, but party-size ($50)

        9 x 13” Český sušenka - Same as above, but party-size ($55)

        Latvian “Rainbow” Cake - 9” multi-layer jam cake ($50)

        Black Forest Torte - 9” multi-layer cake with brandied cherries ($50)

        15 x 18” Latvian Alexander Cake - Same as above, but party-size ($60)

Czechbox Bakery, LLC

Gretchen Kopmanis, Proprietor

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